What is StartOpp.com?

What is StartOpp.com?

We are a collection of individuals who have recognized that there is a large void in the business opportunity and franchise world that separates those who are providing opportunities from those who wish to enter them.  Watch our video above that describes who we are and what we do in detail.

One of the greatest challenges that we face in this industry, is trust. There are too many, “get rich quick” schemes that spoil the discovery of true opportunities by real and interested entrepreneurs.

Our mission is simply to eliminate this gap!

The StartOpp Formula

When you view an opportunity that is featured on StartOpp.com, you are gaining insight into four different perspectives of that business.

  1. The corporate or creator’s perspective
  2. The viewpoint from their number one customer
  3. A brand new customer’s perspective
  4. and last… your view.

You will first be introduced to the corporate entity. Those who have created the opportunity and know the very ins and outs of the business. The problem in the past, is that you have only been exposed to this side, and really only what they have chosen to say in the form of advertising.

Our videos are very real, yet exciting at the same time. You get to sit down with the very creators and listen to their stories, experiences, successes, and trials. They will answer their most common questions and concerns. They will share their viewpoint on the business, which is usually packed with passion as it was literally created within them. It is crucial for you to witness this perspective, just as crucial, you might say, as possessing a seed when desiring a crop. Yet this is a perspective that you often miss when just speaking with a sales rep over the phone.

Next, you will witness the incredible perspective of the number one customer. This viewpoint is equally as powerful as the corporate perspective, and usually will have some unique takes on the business. It is quite rare for the business to be run exactly like those who originally created it. More minds simply create a better product. It is our experience that when the opportunity is provided as a foundation, people will do incredible things to take their own business to the next level. Sometimes these innovations get shared with the corporate entity, but often they do not. And it is very rare that this information will ever make it to you.Following that perspective you will meet someone much like yourself. Only they are one step further in the process. They have already spent days, weeks, and sometimes months and years on the phone for hours with multiple sales reps, visiting trade-shows, reading online, anything they can do to muster up the courage to take the next step… and buy into that opportunity. You will see how this company has treated them, how they have helped them come to the decision to move forward. You will experience their first days in the business and how they are already taking on their own form.

Lastly, you will get to interact with the featured opportunity by sharing your viewpoints, your knowledge of the business, advice you wish to leave for those interested in this opportunity. You will get to submit further questions that may not have been answered in the video which will be answered by the featured company themselves.

Business Opportunities that choose to be featured on StartOpp.com will be able to have and use the video for their own promotion in any form they wish. They will be featured on StartOpp.com as well as every channel, page, cast, and tweet associated with StartOpp.com including but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, WordPress, FriendFeed, digg, etc. Their feature will also go out to all subscribers of the video podcasts and blogs. Every video is pre-formatted for the iPhone so it can be viewed online, and also automatically downloaded to subscribers phones for mobile viewing.

If you are a business opportunity/franchise or know of a business opportunity/franchise that you would like to see featured on StartOpp.com please feel free to contact us via our contact page or call 1-864-MY-START