StartOpp #1 – Snowie Shaved Ice

Snowie Shaved Ice provide business opportunities for anyone who wants to venture out on their own, or those who just want a little something extra to supplement their income. We provide you with carts and kiosks, snow cone machines and ice shavers, flavors and accessories. All you have to do is select a location to manage your new business!

Carl Rupp, Co-Owner of Snowie LLC has been a key player of the shaved ice industry for over 30 years. Between Carl and his brother Gordon, it would be hard to find another two men that have a stronger focus on innovation and improvement. In 1979, Carl Rupp built his very first shack out of cedar wood in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also built his own snow cone machine for the business.

Snowie Shaved Ice grew from one small road-side stand to a world-wide industry over the past 30 years, helping thousands of people start their own small shaved ice business and gain extra income. From one flavor to 50, Snowie has taken the world by storm with cart and kiosk locations all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, and even South America.

Recommended Next Steps:

  1. Contact Snowie by calling 1-877-4-SNOWIE (Tell them StartOpp sent ya), or fill out the contact form below.
  2. Research locations and events in your area that you feel would be a good selling spot.  Snowie will help you with the rest.

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