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We are back online and with a whole new look! Our previous site got attacked with Malware and since then we’ve worked day and night to get the site back up online and looking and working as good as ever! We will always make sure that you’re viewing experience here online is a good one and a safe one! Since our site was attacked we pretty much threw away the old site and decided to build it from scratch to make sure that it was clean, and make the video viewing experience on the site even better! So we hope you enjoy the new design and style of the site and can rest assured that the site is free from any harm. Continue Reading

Why are Franchises and Business Opportunities still growing?

Franchise and Business Opportunity GrowthIf you read Inc. Magazine’s June edition, they share the idea that Health and Beauty Concept franchises succeed in a down economy because of their necessity in the market. While I completely agree that there are industries that maintain their growth out of necessity, I also have to say that in my opinion, these franchises and opportunities grow because of other key factors as well.

People will usually turn to a franchise or an opportunity because they are looking to either free themselves from a world that owns their every moment, or they just lost the security of that world and are looking to replace the comfort that it provided, but not necessarily the lifestyle. Continue Reading

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